Landscaping is an integral part in making your garden look the best. It is important that you take care of the garden no matter what. It would be a shame to have a bad looking garden when you paid so much just to have one. Lawn maintenance is one of the keys to making sure that the garden is looking its best.

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Here are some of the common tools all garden owners should have to do a little do it yourself landscaping to keep the garden at tip top shape. There are a lot of power tools nowadays that are used by professional landscapers but if you are not a landscaping expert, these handheld tools will do just the trick.

Garden Fork and Spades

The garden fork is used to loosening, lifting, and turning over the soil in the garden. It will be important to do this to keep the soil clean and healthy. Another tool that is essential is the garden rake. This is different from the garden fork in a sense that it is more commonly used to take the leaves from the grass. Basically, making sure that the garden is always neat and tidy.

Using spades for your landscape or garden will help out, especially if you have some plants or flowers sprouting from the soil in the garden. It will help you in taking out dead plants or flowers as well if some were damaged by heavy rains or was kicked over by accident. These spades are also good for digging if needed.

Weeders and Cultivators

These are also great to have in the toolbox to tend to the garden. It will ensure that even below the plants that there are no weeds inside. This will make sure that it does not only look good on the outside but the inside as well.


Getting your house a shovel too will be a must when you have a garden. The shovel will help in digging big holes in the ground to put flower patches, or take out plants that are too big for a spade. Shovels are an integral part in making sure the garden is looking good.

All of these tools are some of the common garden objects that should be present in your home. Doing a little landscaping to make the garden look and nice and neat will go a long way for your garden. Making it look nice will give you a sense of achievement when you look at your garden.

While it’s your job to maintain your landscape or garden in a regular manner, chances are it might also need a professional service from time to time. In this case, you’ll need the help of professional landscaping contractors such as landscaping services Maple Grove. Aside from your routine landscape maintenance, a professional landscaping service will ensure that the plants in your landscape will grow healthily.

A professional landscaping contractor can also provide you advices and tips on how to make sure that your landscape will continuously grow beautiful plants.